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The Brand

Ridhi Mehra is a Delhi-based fashion designer known for her contemporary, sophisticated and elegant designs.

This year her brand is celebrating a decade in bridalwear. She is known for the use of traditional Indian fabrics and techniques in a contemporary context.

Our association with Ridhi Mehra actually pre-dates the formation of Growify, and here are some of the milestones we have achieved together over the years.

How we did it

Phase 1
  • Revamped website with modern design:
  • Highlighted latest products and promotions on homepage.
  • Introduced COD payment option to increase sales.
  • Custom tailoring feature via ZOHO CRM.
  • Enhanced transactions with PayU payment gateway.
  • Integrated Google Ads and ERP system for streamlined operations
Phase 2
  • Started with small marketing budget, now in the six figures.
  • Activated ads on FB, Insta, Google, and YouTube.
  • Boosted store footfall by 10% during events.
  • Achieved 8X profitable ROI during pandemic.
  • Focused on brand recall with diverse strategies.
Phase 3
  • Consistently achieved over 12x ROI and expanded internationally.
  • International sales now contribute to 50% of total revenue.
  • Established dedicated sales team for Ridhi Mehra.
  • Managed queries across platforms comprehensively.
  • Processed over 10,000 orders, providing support for design and returns.
  • Guided pricing decisions based on demographic analysis.

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