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Technology and Sales: A Synergistic Approach

Our Tech Partners

We forge strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology providers like Klaviyo, Shopify Plus, Interakt, Razorpay, Meta,, and many more. This robust ecosystem empowers us to deliver data-driven marketing strategies, optimize sales funnels for maximum efficiency, and elevate the customer journey.


Shopify Plus offers customized theme options, advanced API integrations, and powerful automation tools. With robust analytics and e-commerce automation tools like Launchpad and Shopify Flow, Shopify Plus empowers your business to thrive and scale seamlessly.


With some advanced targeting options and detailed analytics, businesses are able to reach their ideal target audience relatively effectively. Meta’s tools drive engagement, boost sales, and provide insights to optimize the marketing strategies for the maximum impact.


Razorpay provides real-time tracking, automated order processing, and discounted shipping rates to enhance delivery efficiency. With features like AI-driven courier selection & easy returns management, Shiprocket ensures a smooth and cost-effective shipping experience for all businesses.


Interakt boosts customer engagement via WhatsApp Business API integration, facilitating conversation management and automated responses. Its broadcast messaging and CRM integration foster strong relationships & sales growth providing insights to drive business performance.


Klaviyo is a robust email marketing platform that enables businesses to create personalized campaigns. It helps analyze the customer data and optimize engagement through tracking and automation features like automated email and SMS messaging services.


Kommo is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform that streamlines the entirety of our sales processes, tracks the customer interactions and henceforth enhances all the customer relationships through the various lead management and reporting tools available.

07 is an AI-powered customer experience platform that automates interactions, analyzes data and delivers a personalized support for its users. With chatbots and analytics dashboards, businesses can provide an efficient and on point customer experience.


Easebuzz is a user-friendly payment gateway solution with secure online payment processing, easy integration, multiple payment options, and robust security features. It helps businesses of all sizes accept payments conveniently and manage transactions effortlessly.


Shiprocket is a user-friendly e-commerce logistics platform that simplifies shipping and delivery for businesses of all sizes. With advanced technology and a wide carrier network, Shiprocket streamlines order management and ensures faser product delivery.

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