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The Brand

Launched in 2009, the House of Masaba, named after its designer Masaba Gupta quickly gained a following among young, fashion-forward women in India.

The brand's unique designs inspired by Masaba's mixed heritage often feature vibrant prints and unconventional silhouettes.

The brand is beloved by Indians both in India and abroad.

How we did it

Phase 1
  • Moved website from Magento to custom-designed Shopify platform.
  • Added new features like, Spin the wheel, Ready To Ship process, Loyalty Program, Referral Program, Geo Currency Converter.
  • Created customized COD, strategy, and process for better conversions.
  • Upgraded the website to Shopify 2.0 for optimal performance and speed
Phase 2
  • We expanded our marketing efforts by incorporating multiple channels such as Google Ads, Push notifications, Facebook catalog Ad's, Instagram, and Email Marketing.
  • With a 4X increase in our marketing budget over the span of 18 months - we have been able to scale up the brand by 75%.
  • We've boosted organic traffic and sales by implementing a comprehensive strategy.
Phase 3
  • First Year - Grew the sale by 69.8%. (2021)
  • Second Year - Grew the sales by 70.2% (2022)

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