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The Brand

Drzya by Ridhi Suri is an Indian fashion brand known for its luxurious and contemporary designs.

Launched in 2013 by Ridhi Suri, a Delhi-based Designer, the brand's designs feature a mix of traditional luxurious Indian fabrics and modern cuts, resulting in a unique and sophisticated aesthetic.

How we did it

Phase 1
  • Built the E-commerce platform in the year 2019
  • Implemented COD and helped the brand find the right shipping partner
  • Set up event-level analytics for detailed tracking and learning using GA and Heatmap tools.
  • Added various functionalities to improve UX, order management, security and content management.
Phase 2
  • Initiated marketing efforts with the entire setup on Facebook, Shopify, Display Ads, SEM, and Email Marketing.
  • The average sale increased 20x in crores.
  • Established international markets in the US and the Middle East for consistent recurring sales and overcame seasonal market fluctuations.
  • The quarterly growth was approximately around 110% during the covid Pandemic.
  • Introduced CRM Management
Phase 3
  • Grew sales from a few lacs to more than a crore per month while working with the brand.
  • Increased the average monthly revenue by 3.5 x over 18 months including the off-seasons.
  • In the last 5 months, sales grew 6x as compared to the subsequent previous month.

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